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Natural Rhodochrosite With Amazonite 108 Beaded Mala
Natural Rhodochrosite With Amazonite 108 Beaded Mala
Natural Rhodochrosite With Amazonite 108 Beaded Mala
Natural Rhodochrosite With Amazonite 108 Beaded Mala

Natural Rhodochrosite With Amazonite 108 Beaded Mala

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The Rhodochrosite stone showcases a selfless love and compassion for everything around us. Especially effective when working to heal the heart chakra, it can promote healing for feelings and emotions of loss. Rhodochrosite helps to bring emotions to the surface to be acknowledged, dealt with and released, which results in to personal and spiritual growth 

Amazonite is helpful in clearing energy blockages and balancing the Yin and Yang energies.   Meditating with Amazonite can bring us in  alignment, and help to open our minds to our intuition and to the spiritual realm.Use Amazonite on the Heart to enhance loving expression and with the Third Eye Chakra to open intuition.

This combination of Rhodochrosite & Amazonite work well together to express and promote feelings and emotions of love while working with the heart chakra. This combination is also amazing to work with the Third-eye chakra to open up intuition resulting in promoting spiritual and personal growth.


This beautiful 108 beaded Mala bracelet is handmade with a combination of  108 individual natural Rhodochrosite and Amazonite beads with 6 charms to choose from. This mala can be used in various ways such as wearing at as a necklace, a bracelet or use for meditation.

How can I use my Mala with Meditation?

Mala beads are an incredibly effective tool to help with focusing your attention on the present while meditating. During meditation, when the mind wanders(and it will...) the mala beads assist with bringing the attention back to the present.

1. Select your Mantra(A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase repeated to help with concentration while meditating). As an example, a Mantra can consist of positive feelings and affirmations that support what we're seeking. Start with "I am __________". "I am grounded", "I am love", "I am supported" or simply chant "OM"(same vibrational frequency as all of Nature. 432Hz - will bring calm and relaxation to the mind while relaxing nerves for physical relief)

2.To use the mala, turn each bead in between the middle finger and the thumb and moving onto the next. Repeat your mantra either mentally or verbally once per bead. When you reach the charm bead or all the way around the mala, take a few seconds to acknowledge what you have just completed. From this point, you can repeat the process with the same mantra or set a new intention with a brand new mantra.