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Amethyst Crystal Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Healing Stone
Amethyst Crystal Healing Stone

Amethyst Crystal Healing Stone

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This Amethyst gemstone aids one's spiritual growth and expansion towards a higher potential by moving into a higher frequency. The higher frequency one vibrates into the closer one is to their purpose.

The Amethyst's energy and frequency aids greatly with this especially when used while meditation


How Do I Use My Gemstones & Crystals For Healing?

1.  Hold the stones during meditation

One of the best ways to connect with natural stones is through meditation. By holding the stones in your hands, closing your eyes and focusing on breath, you should start to connect with them. Each crystal will feel different, please be patient and stay open to experimenting.

2. Create a beautiful crystal and stone infused space
Using crystals and stones in our surrounding areas add a piece of the earth and its energy with us and bring a grounding presence. 

3. Carry the stoneset with you
The more contact you have with a crystal, the more aware you'll be of its energy and the more you will resonate with it. You can carry a crystal in your presence on the go to keep yourself centered and balanced mentally.

4.Place crystals on your body
Pick a stone that matches the chakra being healed and place it on your body. This exercises the energy of the chakra and brings about emotions that need to be dealt with.

5.Use crystals during yoga
While doing your regular yoga routine, place crystals and stones on your yoga mat promotes a deeper state of meditation and healing.